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Zoes for GoCar's electric fleet

Renault has partnered with car-sharing service GoCar to introduce more electric shared cars to Dublin's streets. GoCar has taken delivery of five all-electric Renault Zoe 4.0s, which have an official one-charge range of 400km (and a more realistic claim of 300km on a warm summer day and 200km on a chilly winter one). Both GoCar and Renault say that's enough to ward off the worst of 'range anxiety.'

GoCar first introduced electric cars to its 'GoElectric' fleet in 2016, and since then 800 customers have hired one out.

The Zoe is designed to be especially good at city driving, with 255Nm of torque and a 0-50km/h acceleration time of four seconds. Of course, it's zero-emissions at the point of use, and GoCar claims that each of its cars effectively replaces as many as 15 private cars: "reducing car ownership and car dependency, congestion, noise and air pollution, and freeing up land traditionally used for parking spaces."

Each GoElectric Zoe will cost €10 per hour to rent, with 50km included. There's also a sign-up fee for joining GoCar, and additional mileage costs extra.

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