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Toyota predicts diesel reduction

To help encourage buyers away from diesel and into hybrid, Toyota will run an 'Upgrade To Hybrid For Free' campaign as part of its 'showtime' open weekend starting this week.

According to Toyota Financial Services, a hybrid car is expected to have a residual value some six per cent higher than its diesel equivalent. That, combined with low interest rates (as little as 2.9 per cent for a Yaris Hybrid), and a trade-in bonus of as much as €4,500 against an old diesel, is supposed to bridge the price gap between diesel and hybrid.

There are other offers too, including a €2,000 price cut for the RAV4 Hybrid Luna Sport, and an additional €2,200 worth of extra equipment (including satellite navigation with connected services, 17-inch alloy wheels and sports interior trim) for the Auris Luna Sport Hybrid.

For models where there is no hybrid option, such as the Corolla, buyers are being offered €1,400 worth of extra toys (including satellite navigation, heated seats, retractable mirrors and 17-inch alloy wheels) to switch from a diesel to a Luna Sport petrol.

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