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Renault updates electric van

Renault has launched a new, longer-range version of its electric Kangoo van, the Z.E. 33. With a battery capacity increase to 33kWh (hence the 33 in the name), the new Kangoo has a range of around 200km in summer conditions and 120km in cooler temperatures, giving it the longest battery range of any Light Commercial Vehicle on the market according to Renault.

Despite the increase in capacity, there's no reduction in the van's payload (605kg or 640kg depending on the version) due to the fact that Renault's engineers, in collaboration with LG Chem, have increased the energy density of the battery's cells without increasing the size or weight of the batteries themselves.

The Z.E. 33's motor, the R60, is based on the one that drives the Renault Zoe Z.E. 40, which makes it particularly efficient. All of this is coupled to a new charger that is twice as powerful as the old one and can take the battery to a full charge in just six hours, with the ability to "top-up" the vehicle by up to 33km in just one hour. According to Renault: "Kangoo Z.E. 33's ideal working environment is a regular daily schedule which falls within the van's generous range, with charging done overnight."

There will be a few versions of the electric Kangoo available - the standard panel van, the longer-wheel-base Maxi, a crew van and a crew van cab version. They're reasonably well specced too with DAB radio, a full steel bulkhead (apart from on the crew vans) and a fully height-adjustable driver's seat as standard with the "Business" trim level.

Other options include rear parking sensors, body coloured front bumpers and the Renault R-Link infotainment and navigation system. One of the interesting things in terms of the interior is the optional heat pump, which is incorporated into the air conditioning and which improves range during cold conditions. It means you're not using battery power and depleting your range to heat the cabin. There's also a pre-conditioning system allowing users to heat or cool the vehicle prior to use whilst the vehicle is plugged in.

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