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Cheaper Audi e-tron

Having just given the 'big-battery' e-tron quattro some extra one-charge range, Audi is now happily announcing that there's a new version of its electric SUV with... less range.

That's because this e-tron 50 quattro version gets a smaller battery - 71kWh compared to the 95kWh battery of the more expensive 55 version. The more important figure, though, is that it's a lot cheaper - just €74,995 excluding grants, which is a big drop from the 55 model's price tag.

That's still enough battery for go for 330km on one charge, and the e-tron 50 gets a 312hp powertrain, spread across two electric motors (which of course means it has four-wheel drive). There's also 540Nm of torque on offer, so while this might be the lesser of the two e-trons, it's certainly not going to be too sluggish.

The e-tron 50 can scamper from 0-100km/h in just 6.8 seconds and run on to an electronically-limited top speed of 188km/h. Most of the time only the rear motor is used - to maximise efficiency - with the front motor spinning into action when needed. As with the bigger-battery model, 90 per cent of all of the car's braking is taken care of by the electric motors, which convert otherwise lost energy into fresh charge for the battery.

There will be three models - an 'Advanced', which is the one with that €74,995 price tag, followed by a Sport model (from €79,320 excluding grants) and then an S line version, starting at €85,110 excluding grants. Valcona leather, sports seats and 20-inch alloys are some of the highlights of the e-tron 50 Sport, the expected volume model in the range. With finance available from 3.9 per cent, you can keep monthly repayments down to €779 on PCP.

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