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Block goes back to basics with Snowkhana One

When Ken Block's fifth Gymkhana video dropped earlier this year it brought about a lot of debate about whether the over-the top stunts, slow motion cinematography and whole cordoning off of San Francisco were a step too far from the original videos, which were basically just a guy hooning his car around an abandoned airfield.

Well, like the Batman films the Gymkhana videos have had a refresh and the latest in the series is called Snowkhana One. You can expect the usual Block trademarks of slow motions shots while drifting between Nordic pines, ludicrous jumps, doing donuts around Santa Claus, getting involved in a high speed pursuit with the police and almost coming a cropper with the Abominable Snowman - wait what??

Watch the video below to see what we're on about and all will make sense.

Author: Carzone

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