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NEW STRATOS COULD BE HEADED FOR PRODUCTIONKeen interest in reborn icon prompts builders to turn one-off stratos into a small series

The rather magnificent 'New Stratos' - the recent re-imagination of the iconic Lancia rally car - could well be on course for a 'limited run' of cars.....
NEW STRATOS SPECS REVEALEDPub talk is important even for one-off specials, it seems, and Pininfarina, the maker of the New Stratos - the unique recreation of Lancia's iconic supercar - seems to agree, as it has released a full set of technical data for the car.

The headline figures are thus: 533bhp and 369lb ft of torque from the Ferrari 430 Scuderia-sourced V8. Which is enough to push the 1247kg Stratos to 62mph in 3.3secs, to 124mph in 9.7 secs and on to a top speed in excess of 186mph - although this may be reduced to 170mph after fitting After a new rear axle ratio in the name of even more frenetic acceleration. ....
PININFARINA FINISHES UNIQUE 'NEW STRATOS'Wealthy German car nut Michael Stoschek last week finally took delivery of the unique Pininfarina-reimagined Lancia Stratos at the company's HQ in Turin.....

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