Fraudulent Import/Export Scams

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Fraudulent Import/Export Scams

This scam involves a seller who claims that the vehicle that they are selling is currently situated outside of the country.

The emails that are sent from the ‘seller’ to the buyer often contain spelling mistakes and poor grammar. The ‘seller’ may also try to make themselves seem genuine by stating that they are in financial difficulty etc. They may use this or similar tales as the reason for the urgent need to sell, the unusually low price of the vehicle, and the lack of telephone contact.

The buyer is often asked to send payment for the vehicle in 2 parts. 50% (as a deposit) and then 50% on delivery of the car (after it’s been shipped to the buyer’s country). However, in most cases once the first 50% is sent, the buyer never hears from the seller again and the 50% is irretrievable.

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