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Tesla Model 3 2018 previewHere's the preview to the 2018 Tesla Model 3.....
Tesla Model X 2017 previewHere's the preview to the 2017 Tesla Model X.....
Fulton Innovations brings wireless car charging to CESJust when we thought the wireless charging was going to be left solely to the cell phone, Fulton Innovations came in and stole the hearts of electric car owners everywhere with their wireless car charging. Armed with a Tesla Roadster, Fulton demonstrated an 80% efficiency using a receiver coil mounted underneath the front of the car. This coil is then connected to the car’s charging plug with the use of a wire, illustrating that any electric vehicle can make good use of the wireless charging.....
TESLA MODEL S HITS THE ROADThe electric sports saloon is creeping (near-silently) ever closer to reality, with the Tesla Model S currently entering the final stages of development before deliveries to customers begin next year.

The car doing its thing in the video is an 'Alpha build' development car (that's the first stage of pre-production builds - we think), and despite the lack of noise it certainly seems to be quite impressive.....

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