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Gumpert Apollo Burns Up The Monza Circuit In ItalyJust in case you’ve forgotten about this 800-horsepower blue devil, You Tube’s Marchettino has gone ahead and released a video of the incomparable Gumpert Apollo doing what it does best in its natural habitat: hitting up the Monza circuit in Italy for a couple of flying laps.....
Gumpert teases 700bhp tourerYou may recall Gumpert recently announced it hooked up with Touring Superleggera to knock out a pretty, fast and estate-shaped supercar.

Well, here it is. And as you can see, it's a lot happier.....
Gumpert announces new 'Tourer' modelPurveyor of very fast and very ugly hypercars set to debut all-new Very Fast Estate called ‘Tornante’

Gumpert has announced it will debut a new model dubbed ‘Tornante' at the upcoming Geneva motor show.....

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